Natural Citrine Yellow Crystal Pipe with a Carb Hole (8-10cm)

Crystal Pipe - Natural Citrine Yellow Crystal Pipe with a Carb Hole (8-10cm) |

Natural Citrine Yellow Crystal Pipe with a Carb Hole (8-10cm)

Balance your mind and emotions with this citrine quartz crystal pipe while warding off evil.

Citrine is a type of yellow quartz; more commonly produced by heat treating amethysts, it does occur naturally, with an often smokier, opaque appearance than its synthetic equivalent. Beautifully luminous, its colour can range from a bright lemony colour to a honey brown.

One of the superstitions surrounding citrine is that it will bring good luck and fortune, due to its superficial resemblance to gold. In healing crystal philosophy, citrine is an energizing stone, closely associated to the sun. It can activate the Solar Plexus chakra.

As this citrine crystal pipe is handmade, please understand that there may be some surface scratches, cracks, or other imperfections. Please understand that colors and textures may vary according to natural variations in the stone, and each pipe is different and unique.

  • Size: 8-10cm
  • Material: our crystal pipes are made of 100% natural citrine yellow quartz crystal stone
  • There is a carb hole at the side of the pipe
  • Every piece comes with a high quality removable stainless steel mental screen filter that can be easily popped in and out for cleaning

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