Crystal Elixir Water Bottle: Questions and Answers

Q: What is a Crystal Elixir?

A: Crystal Elixir has been around for centuries, crystals have powerful energy. They are also known as gem elixirs, crystal essence, and crystal waters. They are made by putting crystals in water and energizing them in the light of full moon and sun. Since water is a natural conductor, the crystals attract positive energy, so your water will be positively charged! Crystals are known in alternative healing practices, they have healing powers, and surround you with good vibes.


Q: Is it safe to drink from the bottle?

A: It is safe to drink from the bottle as the crystals are attached with wires. The bottle is made of glass, and the lid, the bottom, and the wires used are made of food-grade stainless steel. The crystals are authentic natural stones and contain safe minerals, they are crystals that helps purify your drinking water.


Q: Should I clean the bottle, and if so, how?

A: The bottle should be washed before usage, and also we suggest the crystal should be cleansed. The glass part of the bottle can be washed in the dishwasher. You just have to unscrew the bottom to remove the crystal part, then put it in your dishwasher!  And while that is taken care of, you can wash your crystal in different ways depending on the crystal. They should all be washed in cold water and let to dry. To add a more nourishing touch to your crystal, let it sit in an airy next to other crystals (e.g tumbled stones), so it gets recharged with energy.


Q: Why should I choose Clear Quartz?

A: Clear Quartz, also known as the master healer, is used for clarity, power, healing and positivity. It is great to restore and strengthen the balance in your life, it brings out the purity and innocence in us. Use your Thera Crystals Clear Quartz Elixir Water Bottle to have peace of mind and more openness towards others.  


Q: Why should I choose Rose Quartz?

A: Rose Quartz, also known as the love stone, is used for love, tranquility, and forgiveness. It is great to restore and strengthen a relationship. It brings emotional stability, if you have a heartbreak, and give you unconditional love, joy and emotional healing. Use your Thera Crystals Rose Quartz Elixir Water Bottle to restore trust, and harmony in your relationship. You will feel more open and safe, and attract unconditional love, and learn about self-love. You will feel compassion, and acceptance of things quicker. Let alone the fear of loving, and forgiving.    


Q: Why should I choose Amethyst?

A: Amethyst, also known as the helper of the third eye, is used for inner peace, creativity, release stress and better memory. It helps will anxiety, fear, raises hope and control over negative energy. Use your Thera Crystals Amethyst Elixir Water Bottle for better critical thinking, and calmer life. If used before sleep, you will have a better dream, and wake up with a new you, fully relaxed.


Q: Why should I choose Black Obsidian?

A: Black Obsidian, also known as the stone of truth, is used for truth, protection, awareness, transformation and purification. It shields against negative thoughts, feelings, mental stress, tension and psychic attacks. It will break the past traumas and bring clarity to your mind. Use your Thera Crystals Black Obsidian Elixir Water Bottle, to fight against negativity. You will strengthen your confidence, and discover yourself faster. You will find a new you, you will be a real self. Black Obsidian assists in breaking through barriers, and give you infinite opportunities to discover life.